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Avenues represent the journey to a significant destination, they are never the destination in itself. As our name suggests, we want to be a community that points people toward Jesus.

Our mission is to unleash God-given potential through three expressions that are core to our DNA: Intersection, Pathways, Streetlights. 


To become an expanding network of missional micro-communities...

We believe that the Kingdom of God grows through devoted followers of Jesus who are filled with the Spirit and passionate about sharing and living the gospel.  We see that the future of the church lies in smaller missional communities that reach out to various communities meeting their unique needs. As these groups multiply, more lives are impacted, and God's Kingdom spreads.

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THE GOSPEL is our cause

We see the Bible as the story of God moving to be with humanity.


THE SPIRIT is our guide

We partner with what The Spirit is already doing in our world. 


WORSHIP is our response

We give our whole life to loving God and loving others.


MULTIPLICATION is our mission

We multiply into many by investing in one.


INCLUSIVITY is our culture

We are intentional about building bridges with people.




At a Pathway group, people meet at ‘the table’ around the person and sacrifice of Jesus. Pathways are a communal life rhythm (not just a weekly meeting), where people build their relationship with Jesus through walking with Him and others in groups. 



We gather at the intersection in response to what God has done, offering our lives more fully to him. Since we recognise the goodness of God in our life, we worship Him as a community. This is about glorifying the person of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.



We respond to what Jesus has done for us through word and deed as the light of the world. For us, mission has two aspects that are interconnected, sharing the hope that we have found in Jesus and serving those who need him. 


Avenue seeks to structure its ministry around these three expressions:

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