avenue, not the destination

Avenue's are never the destination, they are only a means to an end. Just as airports are means of temporary arrival and ongoing sending we see ourselves in the same way, to gather with the purpose of scattering. However, while we may not be the destination we point people to Him who is. We are a community whose mission is to unleash God-given potential by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our vision is to be a movement led by a younger generation of God-driven influencers; awakened by the Holy Spirit to globally make the love of Jesus tangible to those who might not know Him.

Avenue consists of three expressions. Read more about them below.


Pathways Expression

The Church Scattered

Pathways are our diverse micro-communities that each serve different purposes, some to do with working out together others to do with engaging in conversation. However, at the core of each of these, we value being known and being listened too. These are relaxed but yet empowering environments that are different from your traditional church experiences.

The strength of our community lies in our Pathway groups. We'd love to get in touch with you about a group that is suited for you.

Why Avenue?

An avenue is a broad straight road, typically lined by trees on either side. Deriving from the French word ‘avenir’ meaning to arrive or approach, avenues are a means of access or attainment. 


  1. A broad straight road: we desire to be a church that reaches wide into the community, looking out and around to be a church that is tender to the needs of others.

  2. Trees lining either side: In the space between the road and footpath trees grow. This reflects us as a community of growth.

  3. Avenues lead to a destination. We constantly remind ourselves that we are not the destination; that’s Jesus. We’re just a way in which people can experience a relationship with the one who matters most. 

Foundation Statements

 Being a Seventh Day Adventist church we are dedicated to telling the narrative of the gospel. These statements are what we build our church on.

  1. The crux of our mission is to preach the Gospel to the world and hold onto Jesus teachings. 

  2. Our congregation will extend beyond the attendees of the service to encapsulate the broader community that she is immersed in.

  3. We desire to be innovative and creative as a community, striving for excellence always.

  4. We strive for an environment that fosters vulnerability, filled with love; centred on grace and truth.

  5. A church that is driven by the young but heavily supported by the older generations.

Our Values

A growing relationship with Jesus      The Scriptures      Relevance to culture

Worship        Creativity         Excellence       Relationships and Mentorship

Our Values

  • A growing relationship with Jesus

  • The Scriptures

  • Worship 

  • Relationships and Mentorship

  • Creativity

  • Excellence 

  • Relevance to culture