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The Church I Dream of...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I dream of a church that is entirely dependent on the Spirit, placing the agenda of what is His above what is ours. Yes, I believe in a church that is open to the guidance of what is next through the Holy Ghost. This power within, will change communities, enact change and add decisions, baptisms, and disciples daily. This church can still exist today.

I dream of a church that does not see conflict as a setback but as an opportunity, knowing that God is present in seasons of tension and peace. I believe in a church that doesn’t give up, steps into the grind and expects more than what is seen. I see a church that can even birth a movement out of conflict with courage and resilience, knowing Christ’s resurrection power lives within. I dream of a church that is in pursuit of excellence, one that is discontent with mediocre and stagnancy but is in tune with the Spirit’s desire to advance the church. With faith, this will be a church that influences Melbourne, then the world. I dream of a church that aids in solving the problems of the human condition. One that is relevant to society but challenges its norms in the same way Jesus did. I believe in a radical church that stares at change head-on and expresses creativity, because of the God-given power to create and bring something out of nothing. I dream of a church that is driven by its youth but still seeks the council of the elderly. Yes, this is the generation that God has raised up. I dream of a church whose authentic worship is at the core, where the gift of music creates a space for chains to be broken and more of Jesus to be encountered. I dream of a church that is totally outward focused, putting the needs and the overall vision of the community above their own because the gospel permeating the world is of priority. I see a thriving disciple-making movement, where success is not defined by the believers born in, but by the disciples made of. I dream of a church that is loud enough that the world around cannot deny God’s presence as the reason for exponential growth. I believe that this church will make the powers of hell tremble.

This is the church I dream of...

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