"not the destination"

We want to unleash God-given potential by putting the church back into the hands of ordinary people.  We're here to journey with you as you experience God for yourself. We're not the experts, and don't claim to have all the answers but we love Jesus and hope you can discover him with us day by day.



A Larger Expression

A great starting point for you to get a taste of what Avenue is about is at our monthly Intersections. This is where all our Pathway groups come together to worship in a less intimate environment. At The Intersection, we strive to make sure that you feel welcome regardless of your church experience.

The Next Intersection is on The 12th November


Where is it? Ringwood Church of Christ (13 Bedford Road, Ringwood)

What time? 4 pm, but get there early because we start on time!



A Smaller Expression

At a Pathway group, people meet at ‘the table’ around the person and sacrifice of Jesus in small communities. Pathways are where people grow in their relationship with Jesus through walking with Him and others in groups. They are not merely a weekly meeting, but a way of helping you follow Jesus in your everyday life.

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Prayer Meeting

On Friday nights people from our community gather for a night of prayer and praise. There is nothing fancy about these nights, this space simply exists for people to experience God through prayer and worship. After a busy week, this is a way of entering into the weekend the right way.

Friday Nights


Where is it? Nunawading SDA Church

What time? 7:30pm