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Our Pathway Groups

Life is Better Together

Discover exciting details about our diverse Pathway Groups and join our vibrant community in the most meaningful way possible.


Laura's Group

Our group is targeted towards early to mid uni students (aged 19-24) however all ages are welcome! We meet every Saturday at 12:30 (unless stated otherwise) at someone’s house and we have lunch together before spending time discussing the bible. Our goals are to bless those around us and create an inclusive and comfortable environment in order to cultivate growth spiritually and also a strong sense of community. We all want to contribute in some way or another whether it’s through sharing the lesson or bringing food or even contributing to discussion.

Josh's Group

Our Pathway group runs weekly on Saturdays at 4pm (normally) around the Eastern Suburbs, generally in Heathmont. Our group is predominantly made up of middle to late university aged students, as well as a few people transitioning into full time work too! Our goal is to provide a safe space for vulnerable, honest discovery of the Bible no matter where your spiritual walk is, with the ultimate aim for a deeper relationship with Jesus. And on top of that, we always have top notch food! No matter where you’re at, we hope the culture we have created will allow everyone to feel comfortable and challenged.

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